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Texas appeals court upholds injunction: Delta 8 stays legal

An Austin appeals court upheld a ruling Thursday reaffirming the legality of Delta 8 THC in the state of Texas. The original ruling, an injunction by State District court judge Jan Soifer, was made in response to the Texas Department of State Health Services reclassification of Delta 8 on their website. The DSHS quietly changed […]

4 best ways to take Delta 8 THC

best ways to take Delta 8

You’ve probably heard a bit about Delta 8 THC, and if you’re in one of the many states where traditional cannabis is still illegal, this new cannabinoid may have piqued your curiosity. There are many ways to consume Delta 8, from flower to cartridges to distillate. But first, what exactly is Delta 8?  What is […]

Delta 8 THC legal in Texas after judge denies declaration

Delta 8 THC Legal in Texas after Judge denies Declaration State district court judge Jan Soifer grants a temporary injunction against DSHS After a brief period of illegality, Delta 8 is once again legal for purchase and consumption in the state of Texas. Following an October 15th notice put out by the Texas Department of […]