ima be honest, this. is. the. shit. you. need. I cant find any other place trustable enough to buy THC-P from. I bought this 4 pack back in November and since then I've tried a lot of other THC-P vapes from other places. I never cared about vaping fake carts/disposables as long as it got me high cause I didn't even know some of these legitimate looking dispensaries cut their shit with vitamin D oil (which can cause pop corn lung if vaped) I started to care when my friend told me about that shit. I started looking into the places I bought THC vapes from in the past, like delta extracts and bionoid (VERY SKETCHY COMPANIES, DONT BUY FROM THEM.) and I realized that delta extrax vapes are fake as shit and bionoid doesn't even have lab tests available for their THC-P vapes. Deltavera on the other hand actually sets your mind at ease knowing that they're trustable with lab results showing that their products are actually real and safe. but best of all THEY GET YOU HIGH ASF. another thing about deltavera is that their customer service is so amazing. I remember when I bought from here, someone from delta vera sent me an email with a code to save money, I also remember having a question about the vapes and someone on the sites live chat helped me out a lot. this stood out to me cause they make sure that their customers are a very big priority. also can we talk about that 'spin to win' wheel? that wheel is awesome. deltavera is really the only site I know where you can get 60% off an order from a spin wheel. and they always got some sort of sale going on, like the holiday sale where you got 60% off PLUS 2 FREE BAGS OF EDIBLES AND A KING SIZE DELTA-8 PRE ROLL. like, WHAT. FREE edibles with your order, and a pre roll. they gave me like 800mg of thc FOR FREE. this shit is amazing. and those edibles slapped so hard, 10/10. overall, this shit is amazing. delta vera is now the only place I'm gonna be getting my THC from, I wish I realized sooner how ass these other dispensaries are. thank you delta vera. I just wrote a essay review and I'm high as asf, I deadass love this site with all my heart.