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Rigorous Lab-Testing

All our products are triple, third party lab-tested for Safety, Purity & Potency

Promoting Safe & Responsible Use

At Delta Vera, consumer safety always comes first. You must be 21 to order!

Unrivaled Quality

The best extracts made by award-winning scientists, using organically-grown hemp

Socially Responsible

Poised to make that market into a more equitable one.

Best Sellers

These products are the most popular in our online store right now.

HHC Gummy Bears

Ultra Potent gummies, always fair prices. Lab-tested.

THCO Freaky Worms

Sourced fairly and sustainably all the way from the farm to the pack. Lab-tested.

Delta 8 Freaky Rings

Our last batch just went viral. Order from the new arrival.

Freaky Bears HHC Case

Ultra Potent gummies, always fair prices. Lab-tested.

Freaky Worms THCO Case

The easiest mosy efficient way to consume THCO. No smoking or vaping needed, lab-tested.

Freaky Rings Delta-8 Case

The yummiest way to ingest Delta-8 THC. Lab-tested. Order online.

About Us

Having witnessed firsthand the inconsistencies of hemp products on the market, and the overall lack of transparency – we founded DeltaVera, committed to offering a better, more honest alternative.  Initially focusing on naturally derived hemp based cannabinoids, we source and curate exceptional products, offering them at the best possible prices. We’re very proud that DeltaVera has been nationally recognized, taking honors in the High Times Hemp Cup 2021 People’s Choice Awards.

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Client Testimonials

“DeltaVera is my sh-t. I would never even consider buying from another manufacturer”
Thomas F.
“You guys knew what I needed and made it when you made the Pineapple Express Delta 8 Vape. It is just such a perfect strain for daytime
Erin Thomason
“Your 2500mg Space Rings have become a highly effective way to manage anxiety and stress.”
Is Delta 8 THC safe?
Amanda Lees