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DeltaVera Interview: Learn more about this award-winning company

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DeltaVera Interview : Classworx sits down with the management of award-winning new company

“That’s incredible that in it’s first five month’s, DeltaVera has already won an award”

Classworx’s Peter Tosta sits down with Sam Ardus and Ridge Frank-White of DeltaVera. During the interview they discuss a range of topics, including the formation of their new company.  DeltaVera recently took honors at the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup, and Classworx decided to find out more about how this exciting new business operates.

In this interview, Peter asks DeltaVera about their High Times win, and the products they offer. They also talk about their plan to stand out as an online retailer. Another major subject discussed in the interview is Delta 8 THC. What exactly is Delta 8 THC? What does it do? How does it compare to the more commonly known Delta 9?

Delta 8 THC has been grabbing headlines recently in the cannabis scene. This curious cousin of traditional marijuana is fascinating, but not yet widely understood. The founders of DeltaVera have made Delta 8 their business. Delta 8 is their business, and their field of expertise. They dedicate a good section of the video to shedding light on what exactly Delta 8 does. They also speak about where it comes from, and why their products are superior in quality.

DeltaVera focus is hemp-derived products, and can service all your Delta 8 needs. They also offer high-quality vape cartridges in several popular strains, including Pineapple Express and Blue Dream. If vaping isn’t your thing, DeltaVera also carries a line of premium flower and pre-rolls, so you can spark up the old-fashioned way. If smoking isn’t your thing, try one of their top-shelf edibles or gummies. These gummies are what helped win over the judges at the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup, and set the standard DeltaVera plan’s to uphold moving forward.