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Bulk HHC Fruity Gummy Bears By The Thousand (25mg Per Piece) - 1000ct Minimum Order Quanitity

Bulk HHC Fruity Gummy Bears By The Thousand (25mg Per Piece) – 1000ct Minimum Order Quanitity

1000ct Minimum Order Quantity

Buy from our wide variety of finished products in the marketplace. Create your ideal Bulk HHC gummies, vapes, smokeables, edibles and other supplement products on-demand.

Our Mission:

It is our main priority to develop and source the most premium and safe products possible for our customers, in a market that has a poor track record for consumer safety. Another major goal for our company is to ensure that people become well educated about bulk HHC so that we can build a relationship of trust and confidence between us and our consumers. We started the HHC marketplace as a way for consumers to be able to shop for and compare multiple brands of HHC at the same time. We make sure to include a plethora of information about each HHC gummies bundle on our marketplace to ensure you feel safe while purchasing products from our marketplace. Our future goal remains to be growing our marketplace to make shopping for Delta 8 as easy and efficient as possible. The foundation of our company is built on keeping our customers safe, healthy and happy.

All bulk HHC gummies we manufacture are made from pure extract containing <0.3% of Delta-9 THC. Our products all contain a lab verified results to ensure potency and purity standards. In addition, our products contains child safety protection to keep our products out of the wrong hands around the house. Also, each product package includes a QR code that takes the consumer directly to the lab results corresponding with that specific product. The other products that are offered on our marketplace will always contain the same safety and verifiability standards. We will never offer any products for sale that do not have a COA and safe production conditions to ensure you all have the best and safest bulk HHC experience possible. We are excited to announce new products will be added to our marketplace often so make sure you stay tuned and in the loop!

We plan to continue to expand the information we offer about bulk HHC gummies as well as posting blogs about current events within the Delta 8 industry. In addition, we will continue to grow our marketplace to have a large variety products for you to explore and enjoy. The basis of our company is providing information and safe products to our costumers so their Delta 8 experience can be the best it can be. There will be many new great additions to our site in coming months and we hope you will follow us on our journey.



1000ct Minimum Order Quanitity

Customer Reviews


“They always offer huge discounts and it helps me save big versus going to the dispensary!”

Trey N.

“Management has always been accessible and very helpful. Great customer service. Products are also excellent.”

Marcia W.