Choose Your Strain Clear Delta-8 THC Cart – 510 Thread (1g)

Choose from a wide variety of the most potent, purest Clear Delta 8 Cart Products on the market.

– 510 Thread (1g)

– Available in different strains

– Available in singles, 5ct, 10ct, and 25ct,

DeltaVera, LLC carries an extensive supply of bulk Delta 8 THC cartridges available in unique hemp and cannabis strains. You should have no trouble when finding something you and/or your customers will love.

Though Delta 8 THC  has much in common with Delta 9 THC, it is considerably less psychoactive. It is also a shorter lived high.

Perfect for those looking for a brief respite from a busy schedule. Built for athletes and adventurers who are looking to make the most of their recovery. Ideal for the artist inside all of us looking for a new perspective.

Our enthusiasm for products like the Clear Delta 8 Cart inspired us to start DeltaVera, LLC. We began with a mission to offer the best cannabinoids experience in the field. Our products are sourced directly from the very best hemp farms in the United States, and are strictly tested to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Act fast. Our products tend to sell out quickly. We can only guarantee this price for the Clear Delta 8 Cart for much longer:


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Small and lightweight, convenient to carry around. An easy, carefree way to vape.

– 1 gram total oil per cart

– 95% Delta-8 THC Oil

– 5% terpenes

– Zero VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or any other cutting agent

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Jack Herer, GSC, Gelato Ice Cream Cake, Hemp Cake, Guava Punch, Freak Wreck, Strawnana OG Kush, Pineapple Jack, Pineapple Express, Grape Ape, Sour Berry, Blueberry Kush, Lemon Haze, Banana Kush, Og Kush, Mango SD, Watermelon Haze, Strawberry Crack, Trump, Pine Ex, Mimosa, Apple Fritter, Smores, Gorilla Glue, CDT


1 Cart, 5 Carts, 10 Carts, 25 Carts

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“They always offer huge discounts and it helps me save big versus going to the dispensary!”


“Management has always been accessible and very helpful. Great customer service. Products are also excellent.”