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THCO Gummy Worms - Neon (2,000mg Total THCO)

These great-tasting THCO gummy worms are carefully dosed and curated through our quality control process. Each gummy contains our custom THCO blend, which can also be found in our THCO carts, which are unique. Each of our THCO gummy worms contains THCO, a DeltaVera blend, to create a unique and euphoric feeling when taken. These gummies provide a much-needed break at the end of a hard day and can be enjoyed by any adult.

  • 40 Neon THCO Gummy Worms per pouch
  • 50mg of THCO blend Per Gummy
  • Net weight 220 grams pre pouch

We offer a wide array of formulated products for various uses with different cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, Delta 8, CBN and can customize any dose or blend. If you want something to try a different kind of flavor our award-winning gummies and edibles offer a delicious way to consume Delta 8 and CBD.

Or, if carts are more up your alley, we have a wide array of Delta 8 THC cartridges.

We don’t sell THCO gummy worms we wouldn’t personally use, so you can be sure that all the cannabis products we provide are both clean and powerful. This quest for quality is what helped us take honors at the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup. At DeltaVera, hemp products are our specialty. We believe this beautiful plant is the future, and we plan to set the industry standard with our outstanding products.

Like all our our products, our THCO Gummy Worms contains less than 0.3% THC. That means it’s is below the legal threshold, and legal in most states where Delta 9 THC is not. Make sure to store your DeltaVera products in a cool, dark area when not in use. Keeping products away from bright lights and high temperatures ensures it will retain itss potency.



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“They always offer huge discounts and it helps me save big versus going to the dispensary!”

Trey N.

“Management has always been accessible and very helpful. Great customer service. Products are also excellent.”

Marcia W.