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The White CBG Flower Pound

White CBG is a CBG rich hemp flower strain with beautiful buds that shine in frosty white trichomes. This strain has a subtle flavor profile and smooth effects that differ greatly from CBD flower.

It’s a Sativa strain that works perfectly for both day and nighttime activities. These buds give you a sense of focus, clarity and calm without putting you to sleep.

White CBG is a fantastic strain on its own, especially if you have smoked CBD flower before and want to try something new. It’s also a great strain for mixing with other buds to create a unique and smooth effect.

The most recent harvest of CBG White offers a new and improved version of the previous strain’s genetics and has huge beautiful buds with more powerful aromatics than previous harvests. The buds are bright green and stinky, creating a focused, alert and heady effect that is best described as a Sativa.

Even if you didn’t like previous versions of CBG Flower White, we recommend that you give this new harvest a chance as it has had a huge upgrade in both flavor and aroma from last year!

These buds are beautiful! Glittering in green and frosty trichomes with golden, orange pistils dancing out of the medium size buds.

White CBG flower is much more subtle and complex than a lot of CBD strains. You’ll be able to identify deep, sweet aromas that resemble ice cream. The more dominant scents are of lemons, limes, gas and pine.

Aside from smelling delicious, the terpene profile provide benefits in working together with the cannabinoid content to produce a powerful entourage effect of this CBG flower

The most dominant notes are creamy and floral. The exhale has a hint of gas and lemon that creeps up slowly. Smooth on the throat and beautifully gentle in effects.

CBG flower tastes quite different from CBD flower so be prepared for something new!



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