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Introducing The Freak Brothers THCO Gummies

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The Freak Brothers new tasty THCO gummies are infused with the perfect amount of milligrams. Fruity gummy worms come in a mylar bag which keeps these edibles tasting fresh until they are opened. Each edible is infused with 100mg of premium THC-O.

THCO Gummies
THCO Gummies

The entire bag contains 1000mg. This THCO gummies product currently is only available in one flavor.

Buy from our wide variety of finished products in the marketplace. Create your ideal gummies, vapes, smokeables, edibles and other supplement products on-demand.

Our Story:

Before THCO gummies, our company was founded in June, 2020 with the mission of informing people about Delta 8 THC through our FAQ and blog pages. We saw this an opportunity to create a website for people to become informed on a new cunning edge product that is revolutionary because of its legality. Our main focus was to continue to grow our site and keep our information as up to date as possible for our viewers. Then the idea dawned upon our founders to create their own premium Delta 8 cartridge because they were not satisfied with other products in the industry. THCO gummies came even later.

thco bundle

This resulted in the creation of the Delta 8 shop for our premium cartridge that has been designed specifically for our consumers. Another issue we saw within the market was how products were spread out far and wide, so as a result we decided to create our Delta 8 market place. Our market place is still in its early stages, but it will grow into a major market place where a vast amount of products will be offered. Our reasoning for this was to create a place where people quickly and efficiently compare multiple products all one page. Our story is focused upon problem solving for those who seek to gain more knowledge and try out THCO gummies.

What is THC-O?

THC-O is a new, cutting edge cannabinoid (derived from Hemp just like Delta 8), which carries psychoactive effects and euphoric feelings associated with the typical properties associated with cannabis use. It is rumored that THC-O is roughly 3 times more potent than the usual THC. Additionally, THC-O is known for its anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, appetite stimulating and stress reducing properties.

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What are the effects of THC-O?

THC-O is one of the newest cannabinoids to date as a result there are no definite studies of the long-term effects of THC-O. However, while using THC-O, consumers have experience the following: Relaxed, Strong Buzz Physically and Mentally.

What is Delta 9-THC?

Delta 9-THC or Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol is the traditional version of THC and is the active ingredient in the Marijuana plant. This cannabinoid is responsible for the psychoactive effects experienced after consuming a marijuana product and is currently federally illegal and illegal in most states.

What is the difference in THC-O and Delta 9-THC?

The main difference in THC-O and Delta 9-THC is federal and state legality. THC-O is fully federally legal and legal 41 states, while Delta 9-THC is federally illegal and illegal in most states. Both THC-O and Delta 9-THC produce euphoric psychoactive effects on users and carry a wide variety of medical and recreational benefits.

What makes THC-O the superior form of THC?

THC-O is superior to the traditional and illegal Delta 9-THC because it carries basically every benefit and effect of Delta 9-THC, but is fully federally legal and legal in 41 states in the United States.

How is THC-O legal to produce and sell in the USA?

Since products contain only THC-O made from 100% Hemp extract, companies are able to fully legally manufacture, distribute and sell to consumers in the United States. Thanks to the H.R.2 – Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, ratified and signed into law in December 2018, Cannabis containing less than 0.3% Delta 9-THC is legally classified as Hemp and thus is legal for all intents and purposes under federal law. Let’s also not forget, THC itself isn’t federally illegal, only specifically Delta 9-THC is.

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What is the difference between CBD and THC-O?

The difference in CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC-O (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is that CBD doesn’t carry the psychoactive effects that THC-O does. CBD can be used for numerous health reasons but it will never give the consumer the psychoactive effects that THC-O and Delta 9 would provide. THC-O carries most, if not all benefits of CBD, but also introduces the “high” euphoric feeling which can be hugely beneficial for many users.

What does “Hemp Derived THC” mean?

“Hemp Derived THC” means that the THC is entirely produced from Hemp. Under the H.R.2 – Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, which clarifies that “Hemp” is any cannabis plant containing less than 0.3% Delta 9-THC, Hemp is federally legal for all purposes under federal law. Marijuana or any cannabis plant containing more than 0.3% Delta 9-THC is not used in any “Hemp Derived THC” product.

Do we ship products to consumers in the USA?

Companies typically send products to 41 out of the 50 United States.

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Which states do we not ship THC-O products to?

Unfortunately, due to twelve states not having favorable Hemp or CBD laws, companies typically cannot currently ship to ALASKA, ARIZONA, ARKANSAS, DELAWARE, IDAHO, IOWA, MISSISSIPPI, MONTANA, AND NEBRASKA. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you will reach out to your state lawmakers to demand change!

How old do you have to be to purchase THC-O?

While there are no federal regulations setting the minimum age required to purchase THC-O, there are state regulations mandating that consumers must be 18 years or older to purchase. For this reason, you must be 18 years or older to purchase any products online in most cases.

Is it legal to have THC-O sent through the mail?

Absolutely, THC-O can be sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS) legally. Thanks to a clarification published in the USPS regulations, Hemp products (just like Delta 8-THC) can safely and legally be shipped within the United States.

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